Ben Nevis Trek Poster

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Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes as a consequence of the on-going struggle in Kobani. We have created this team in order to raise money for those victims who are in desperate need of our support. Please show solidarity and support us in our trek upon Ben Nevis Mountain in Scotland by contributing whatever you can to help us reach our target.

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Remove the PKK from the terror list

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In January 2004 the US government declared the Kurdistan Workers Party a terrorist organization under US law. The PKK is a Kurdish political and military organization which from 1984 to 2013 fought an armed struggle against the Turkish state for cultural, political and civil rights.

As of august 2014 the US government is assisting the Iraqi government and the regional government in defending the city of Erbil (Hewler), where American diplomats and personnel are stationed. The US government has also attempted to help Yezidi refugees trapped in the Shengal mountains.

The PKK and its allies YPG have been a partner in defending Iraq and Kurdistan against the Islamic State (IS) for the last 2 years, thus the US government should remove the PKK from the list of international terrorist organizations – immediately.

Sign the petition to make this so:


Êzîdîs Need Help

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Hundreds of Êzîdîs are dead, women & children have been kidnapped and thousands are homeless and orphaned.

This crisis is still ongoing and help is urgently needed. We must do all that we can to bring order and harmony back to the region and restore hope to this ancient and unique minority population.
In case you don’t understand the symbology I have used in this image, ‘Melek Taus’ is a peacock angel that Êzîdîs worship.